Beasley Master Bath
"Larry helped us with the design of a master bathroom, mantels for the master bedroom and living room and design of new kitchen cabinets. His attention to detail is second-to-none and he will not accept anything if it does not meet his high standards of craftsmanship and installation. It is rare to find these days a person who has such a passion for their work and carefully designs products based upon the needs of the consumer. The master bathroom is a "masterpiece" -- carefully designed and crafted under Larry's skilled design skills. I wanted to create an area that would be a "wow" -- and that was accomplished with the beautifully crafted cabinets. In the kitchen, Larry designed many wonderful features into the cabinets that I have loved using. I would highly recommend Larry Routen to anyone interested in designing new areas or doing a redesign of existing areas." Margorie Beasley