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Here at Routen Design we want to work with you to create that perfect space; a design that you’ll want to show off to friends and family and one that will fill you with happiness every time you walk into it. We also know how important it is to stay within a budget and we’re always receptive to your changing interests and financial situation. From kitchen and bath design, to home additions and more, we are ready to work with you so that what you get is exactly as you envisioned it.


We operate on an appointment-only basis. We invite you to meet with us in our design studio, where we can thoroughly discuss how you’d like to design your space around your needs and lifestyle. Are there missing features from your current space or would you prefer a specific design style?


If you choose to retain our services, we will then visit your home to take measurements to better understand the limitations of the structural area and return to the studio with personal and technical information to design your project.


Through creative problem solving and sound design principles, we arrive at a design solution that best fits your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget. Routen Design Associates will provide design services only or can carry your project through to its completion, either by supervising installation for you or finishing it with our own installers.

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